Trail Descents Is Growing Up!

Hey all my followers and visitors! has been growing quickly, and it is all thanks to you! I have been having a blast making this website as good as it can be for you.

Since this blog has been growing so much, I have decided to move it away from and will be self hosting at a new provider. This will mean a change in my web address.

This website will be moving to later this evening. If you have bookmarked this site at the old WordPress site please update all your bookmarks. The move will be seamless and there should be no interruptions in service. All previous posts will still be forwarded to the new web address. You will still be getting regular email updates every time I publish new content.

Thanks again for all your tremendous support! I look forward to continuing to publish new content for your viewing pleasure!


Riding In The Rain In Fish Creek Photos

Check out these photos from my latest ride in Fish Creek Park. Although I did crash and hurt myself, the ride was still fun. Click each picture for a larger version.

Also take a look at previous galleries from other rides here, here and here.


Why Riding In The Rain May Not Be The Best Idea

Riding wet single track trails in Fish Creek park

On Tuesday evening it was overcast and cold, but I was determined to get out on my bike. I had been going back and forth all day if it was a good idea or not, and just before dinner I had decided it was a good idea.

After dinner I loaded up the bike on the trunk rack and set off for Fish Creek Park. If I am going for a quick ride in the city the trails there cannot be beat!

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Reviewing My First Month Of Riding And Blogging

1 Month Blog Review

A full month ago I decided to start chronicling my journey in to the world of mountain biking. I picked up a bike, got my gear all set and started riding.

I also started this blog. I poured over the themes at WordPress and landed on the Hemingway Re-Written theme. Over the last month I have posted non stop. I have developed both my writing skills and my riding skills, all while having a tonne of fun.

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The Butcher Paper – Learning How To Adapt To The Unknown Path Adead

The Butcher Paper - Resolve To Change

Kristin Butcher has published another stellar article at The latest tells a tale of overcoming obstacles through the sport of mountain biking.

“Cheers filled the quiet void when Denny nailed the downhill. When he missed the next turn and wedged himself and his bike up against a tree, the clamoring faded until it was met with the sound of a grown man giggling.”

Check out the article by clicking here and read more from Kristin here.

Riding The Ridge At Bowmont Park Photos

Take a look at the gallery below for some great photos from my latest ride. It was a hot and smoky day, but the scenery in the valley was spectacular. The singletrack riding was pretty great too!

Click the thumbnails for larger views.

How To Shift Your Bike Gears The Right Way

Bike Drivetrain

As I have quickly learned there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to shift your gears. Proper shifting can lead to a more efficient and enjoyable ride, and can also greatly help to lengthen the lifespan of your drive train.

Proper shifting is an essential skill to any bike riding discipline. Read on to learn the ups and downs of shifting your bikes gears.

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Riding Beautiful Singletrack In Bowmont Park

Singletrack trails in Bowmont ParkTime to explore new trails! I decided to come to Bowmont Park to check out the singletrack trails that run along the ridge, overlooking the Bow River.

It was a warm day, and I was feeling a little tired from a poor sleep. I still wanted to get out for a ride, and the views in Bowmont Park made it totally worth it.

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How To Change A Bike Inner Tube

Change a bike tube unseat the beadAfter getting two flats in two rides, I wanted to learn how to change my own inner tubes. It will be a very handy skill for trail side repairs, as well as home repairs. Overall this was a fairly simple process, and only required minimal tools. I will be using a very handy video from Park Tool for reference material, as well as adding tips I found useful while doing it myself.

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Brandon Semenuk – Along For The Ride, Finding New Inspiration

After watching this video I immediately wanted to get on my bike and ride. Listening and watching  how Brandon Semenuk changed his focus and found a new lease on his riding and life struck a chord with me.

I highly recommend giving this a watch. Hopefully it will inspire someone to get out and make a change.