Coping with fear when mountain biking

I came across the article below about how to manage our fear while mountain biking. I know that this is something that I deal with a lot as a new rider, and as an adult with a family to take care of and a body that doesn’t heal anywhere near as fast as it used to.

There are lots of situations that I face every ride that induce varying levels of fear. From looking down a steep descent to skidding out my back tire in a loose section of trail. So far I am noticing that the more I experience the more my fear is reduced.

One of the key things I took away from this article though is that you should never strive to get rid of your fear altogether. Instead recognize what that emotion is telling you, that something is wrong, and then adjust what you are doing.

As I grow as a rider I am going to try and remember this important lesson. While I won’t try to keep myself from growing, I will try to do it in a controlled manner.

definitely give the article a read. Click below or here to read more.

How to cope with fear when mountain biking (because we don’t talk about this enough).

via FEAR AND MOUNTAIN BIKING — adele m itchell


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